Statuscore is a desktop application for Windows that displays per-core performance metrics in real-time including:

  • Effective clock speed
  • Temperature delta
  • Instructions per clock (IPC)
  • Millions of instructions per second (MIPS)
  • AMD Ryzen CPU is now supported!
Statuscore started out as a CPU stress tester (originally CoreDamage) and includes the most punishing stress tester around. In fact, Statuscore was created specifically because I wanted to be able to tune the hand-crafted assembly code in CoreDamage to maximize power consumption and instruction retirement based on feedback from the CPU's internal performance counters and take stress testing to the next level.

Statuscore build 17.11.13
Nov 13, 2017
Statuscore is a new program under active development and will be updated regularly. With your support (HINT: share the link with the interwebs!) I will be able to add more features, more counters, support more CPU's and develop a proper user-interface. Check back often! You can e-mail me directly for feedback or support at